Senior Session Check List!!

WOO HOO Your senior shoot is coming up and I am SO excited!! Here is a little check list to go through to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything! :)

  • Try on all of your outfits before hand to make sure everything fits correctly.

  • Make sure you have a strapless bra if needed!!

  • Nails are either freshly done or bare.

  • Don’t forget socks, belts, jewelry- little things like that! Try to untangle necklaces before our shoot :)

  • Check your GPS before hand to you’ll know how much time it takes to drive to our location- don’t forget about traffic!

  • If you are prone to allergies and we are shooting at a fieldy location, especially in the spring, consider taking some allergy medicine!

  • Bring a cold water bottle with you if we are shooting on a hot summer day, smiling can make your mouth really dry especially when it’s warm out :)

  • Sometimes our locations involve a little bit of walking, so make sure you bring a pair of shoes that you can walk in! We can switch shoes when we get to our exact shooting spot if we need too :) This goes for anyone coming with you to our shoot too if they’ll be walking around with us!

A Note for Parents:

A common question I get from parents is “ Do I come with you during the shoot or not?”, and the answer varies from senior to senior! Sometimes my seniors are more comfortable if they aren’t feeling watched while their photo is being taken and prefer to come alone, or have their parents wait by the car/go on a walk while we are shooting. Or, sometimes my seniors love having their parents there for the shoot and feel super comfortable! If that’s the case with your senior, here are a couple of things I ask to make our shoot run smoothly! :)

  1. I tend to move around constantly while I shoot, so if I have a parent standing RIGHT behind me or to the side of me I find myself constantly running into them/tripping over them. So giving us a couple of yards of space is super helpful!

  2. I know it can be so tempting to want to step in and adjust things like hair, fabric, jewelry, etc- this is your baby and you want her to have the best shoot possible! However, it can really mess up the flow of our shoot if someone is constantly stepping in and making adjustments for every shot.

    I promise I have a super trained eye when it comes to details, and if I’m not fixing something right then and there, it’s probably because I know I can fix it more easily in photoshop OR it’s because from the angle I’m standing at, everything is right where it needs to be, and it might just look different from where you are standing! If you are someone who has a hard time NOT wanting to step in and adjust things, it might be better to let us go and do our thing while you watch from a distance :)

  3. This one doesn’t happen to often, but it has happened in the past so I wanted to make a quick note - please keep all comments positive while we are shooting! Saying things like “You need to suck in” or "That’s not your real smile” can be really disheartening to hear. Often times with smiling, it takes my seniors a few moments to warm up, and if I’m feeling like a smile is stiff I have some tricks to loosen it up! I want every one of my seniors to feel on top of the world by the time we are done shooting, so we keep it a positive vibes only space :)

It is always an honor to work with each one of my seniors, and I take the trust you guys are putting in me to capture the best photos seriously. I strive to give every one of my seniors the best, most fun experience AND the best photos- thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so!